• Corey R. DiGiovanni

Mopar Madness and Hot Rod Drag Week!

On Saturday 9/7, Virginia Mortorsports Park in North Dinwiddie VA was stacked full of classic Chryslers, Dodges, and Plymouths for the annual Mopar Madness event. With only a day away from relinquishing the track to Hot Rod Drag Week, VMP was the perfect place to see nostalgic Mopar muscle. The car show and swap meet kicked off at 8am; and the smell of race fuel began to permeate the air promptly at 11am, as the Max Wedges and Hemi beasts from yesteryear began launching down the track at neck snapping speeds (including a Modern Hemi Shootout). Throughout the day, those willing to brave the afternoon heat even got a chance to see a few of Drag Week’s street legal drag cars hit the track with up to 3500 hp! Mopar Madness was the perfect opening act for one of the coolest events of the year .. Hot Rod Drag Week!

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